What will the cost of cleaning be?

We will visit you at your home and provide you with a formal quote.

How can I be insured that my house is cleaned the way I want it to be?

Once the price is agreed to the housekeeping manager and cleaner will be introduced to the homeowner. A formal list of homeowner instructions will be taken in each room and placed into our management system. If you have a preference in cleaning supplies used they will be noted. Vacation Rentals: we typically photograph each room so that the cleaner has a reference point and so that each room will be left exactly as it is desired.

Why is communicating with homeowners important?

Homeowners will at times have special projects for our staff. Should you have a hot tub that needs to be periodically drained and cleaned or a barbeque grill that needs to to be taken apart for an anual cleaning... we can accomodate. Should cleaners find that towels or linens are in need of replacement we will notify you. Most towels and linens have a useful life of 50 to70 washes; after which most of the cotton has been washed away.

Reminders are important

If you would like us to track certain "reminders" in our system we can alert you about... 1. Smoke detector batteries that should be changed so that they don't chirp (usually happens in the middle of the night!). 2. Air conditioning filters that need to be changed. If they are easy to get to we can make sure they are changed on schedule. 3. Chimney Flues should be cleaned at least once a year and we will remind you to schedule these events. 4. Check that fire extinguishers (if any) are charged and have not expired. 5. Check whether propane tanks are in need of replenishing. 6. Report or change light bulbs when needed. 6. Insure that all doors and windows are secure and alarm set before leaving.

Vacation Rental Considerations

We will have a cleaner in the home as soon after guests check out as possible. We will immideately inspect the property for damages and report our findings (if any) supported by a description and photos. We will insure that all doors and windows are secure and alarm set (if any). We will regulate the tempurature to the instructed degree. All TV's will be checked to see that they are working. If a TV has an issue, it will be reported to the vacation rental company owner. Any "lost and found" item will be immeditely reported to the vacation rental company and turned in. A picture of the item will be sent. All plates, dishes, silverware, pots, pans, towels and linens will be counted and inspected. The cleaner will walk the entire outside of the property to insure that grounds are appropriate for the next check-in. Properties will be inspected 65% of the time by our inspector. If issues exist a "call back" will be placed and the cleaner will correct difficencies reported. A cleaner will be assigned to each home and he/she will have primary responsibility for the home. This allows the quick identification of anything that is missing, damaged or needs to be reported to be replaced.

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